Our working method

Personalised: Our working method might not be unique but, by adopting a truly personalised approach and by standing behind our values, we make it special.

Network: Candidates in our specialised field are screened on an ongoing basis. These candidates find their way to us thanks to our well-established – and continually expanding – network, our brand name and our presence on different social media platforms.

Ambassador: Before sending you a candidate file, we need to get to know you. Our clients’ corporate environment and culture, and the people involved, are essential to a successful partnership. Our aim, as your ambassador towards the candidates, is to represent you as faithfully as possible.

Transparent: We tell each candidate where we have sent their file and we carry out regular follow-up in order to be able to communicate quickly, and without ambiguity, with both client and candidate.

Easy: The procedure is straightforward. After a meeting with you, we send you a commercial agreement and our General Terms of Business. Once signed, we start the recruitment process.

Quick: Within a short period, that could – depending on the assignment – even be the same day, we will send you a pre-selection of candidate files. The files comprise the results of our tests, the CV and our comments and recommendations, based on the interview.




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