FAQ for candidates

How much does it cost to register with Rainbow?

Our service is completely free of charge for candidates. 

Can I register even though my command of English is weak?

We treat each application individually and, depending on your language combination, the type of job you are targeting and the vacancies we are handling, we may consider you even if your command of English is weaker. 

Do I absolutely need to pass tests and have an interview at your office to be sent for jobs?

All candidates, without exception, are required to take the necessary tests and have an interview in order to establish an active file with us. This is all part of the service we provide to our clients and, therefore, we cannot exempt anyone from the procedure, whatever their level or experience. We strive to make the testing session as comfortable as possible – our aim is not to pass or fail you, but to assess your skills in order to consider you for the most suitable jobs. 

I have already established a file with Rainbow in the past. Do I need to visit your office again?

Many of our candidates have already visited us before, sometimes several years ago, and we are always happy to see familiar faces again.

If you have established an initial file more than a year ago, you will be invited to come back to our office for a brief update. If any of your skills have improved since the first visit, it is useful and interesting to test these again, as any improvements can considerably broaden the range of jobs for which you can be considered. You will also have a short discussion with your consultant to update the report with your latest professional experience.

If your initial file was established only a few months ago, you can choose between a brief update at our office or a telephone update with your consultant. If your skills have not changed in the meantime you can also update your file by telephone, although a face-to-face contact is generally recommended. 

Does Rainbow also handle temporary contracts?

Rainbow Resources Group has obtained its licences for permanent and temporary recruitment for the three different regions of Belgium.

Our divisions Rainbow Admin Careers and Rainbow HR Careers are specialised in permanent contracts. Rainbow Flex Careers is a division specialised in temporary assignments for administrative and HR profiles.

Does Rainbow also handle short-term contracts?

We are specialised in permanent contracts (contrats à durée indéterminée/vaste contracten). We have experience, however, recruiting support staff for short-term contracts (contrats à durée determine/contracten van bepaalde duur), generally to cover maternity or sick leaves or in view of a permanent contract.

These contracts cover a minimum period of three months.

The exceptional short-term nature of a contract is always clearly indicated in the job offers on our website, in order to differentiate it from our regular permanent offers.

Does Rainbow also offer part-time jobs?

Most of our jobs are full-time. We do, however, occasionally handle vacancies with reduced schedules (from 1/2 to 4/5).

If you are only interested in a reduced schedule, we suggest that you check the job offers on our website regularly and contact us for an appointment when you see a vacancy corresponding to the timetable you are seeking. 

Do I need a work permit to apply for one of Rainbow’s vacancies?

We are happy to assist candidates in possession of a work permit A or C. Candidates in possession of a work permit B (linked to a specific company) can be treated on a case by case basis, but generally cannot benefit from our assistance as our clients are seeking candidates who are immediately eligible to work in Belgium.  

Regretfully, we are not equipped to help candidates in securing a work permit and cannot assist candidates who are not yet in possession of a necessary work permit.

For more information, please refer to:


I do not live in Belgium but plan to move there once I find a job. Can Rainbow help me in my search?

It is not easy to help candidates who are not yet residing in Belgium. On a practical level, you would have to schedule at least one visit to Belgium, in order to establish a file with us. Our clients may be wary of meeting candidates who are not yet living in Belgium, giving the preference to candidates who are already residents and are immediately available. If your profile is of interest, we would encourage you to contact us when you are settled in Belgium. 

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