FAQ for companies

What makes Rainbow Admin Careers so special?

Without a doubt, our long-standing, specialised presence on the Belgian market, combined with our experience and, above all, our consultants’ individual experience, training and passion.

Can you advertise vacancies on other websites or in publications?

We automatically advertise vacancies on Rainbow's website, free of charge. We can also use our social media network to advertise vacancies.

Any additional advertising on other websites and in specific publications can be discussed and would usually be at your own expense. 


I don’t have an office yet, can I interview at your office?

You are more than welcome to use Rainbow’s facilities to meet and interview candidates, whether you are still looking for an office of your own or you simply wish to keep the recruitment confidential. 


What happens if the candidate you placed with us leaves or is not suitable?

We take our replacement guarantee very seriously. If a candidate hired through Rainbow leaves your company or is asked to leave within the first three months of employment, we ensure a fast and efficient replacement.

Can Rainbow Admin Careers help with short-term contracts?

We are specialised in permanent contracts (contrats à durée indéterminée/vaste contracten). We have experience, however, recruiting support staff for short-term contracts (contrats à durée déterminée/contracten van bepaalde duur).

These contracts cover a minimum period of three months. Please contact us for our terms of business related to short-term contracts. 

Can Rainbow Admin Careers help with temporary contracts?

We are specialised in permanent contracts (contrats à durée indéterminée/vaste contracten). Rainbow Admin Careers is not a temporary (interim) agency. Unlike interim agencies, we do not handle temporary assignments and do not take candidates on our payroll. 

How quickly can Rainbow Admin Careers help me find the right candidate?

The selection process is fast and a decision can be made very rapidly. This does, however, depend on a variety of factors, including the type of profile you need, candidate availability and the number of interview rounds which are necessary before you can make a decision.


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