Our culture

Who we really are!

Our culture defines our company.  It is our DNA.

I believe we can be proud of our culture at Rainbow – it is in line with our vision and mission, it is different to that of other companies, it helps us to be successful and, most importantly, we all feel good about it!

Who are we really?

Our people: what makes them so special?

Our team of consultants comprises a broad range of nationalities and cultural backgrounds that saw us grow up, and absorb, different cultures. Stirred together, the result is a unique mix of colourful (Rainbow!), intellectual and cultural backgrounds, languages and cross-cultural understanding. With age and experience, that spans several decades, we can easily relate to different nationalities, age groups and levels of social standing.

We are an enthusiastic, spontaneous group of nice people who share the same passions and who are ready to give the best of ourselves to serve a client and to assist a candidate to find her/his ideal job. All these factors make the people who come in contact with us experience a real difference.

Our work style: what is it and what makes it different? 

Our work ethic draws upon our experience and our individual upbringings. We are all results-driven, but non-commission based, and, as such, we all work together to achieve common goals and targets. The drive is there, but without the constant pressure for figures. Our aim is to make our service personal and fun. We help each other and want to be proud of our achievements.

What do we do for fun, or to have fun?

We celebrate  “to mark an occasion”. We celebrate our successes, our birthdays, our new colleagues... with a glass of Champagne and/or a “high five cheer” – this is our choice. We have a laugh and make jokes, we share our experiences, our fears and our happiness and, together, we learn from our mistakes. We love sushi and chocolate and we share our stories during lunch “together time”.

What do our offices look like?

Our offices are the perfect reflection of who we are. Our colours: the rich and royal purple and the strong and powerful orange. We have a modern and professional workspace that was designed for efficiency, discretion and cohesion. Our desks are personalised and accessible to everyone.

This is our culture. It is unique, clear and we follow its evolution.

What is your company culture?

Frank Vande Voorde


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